Status Holder Certificate/ Star Export House Certificate

The main objective of foreign trade policies is to make the import-export process simple and attractive for importers, exporters, and traders.

There are various export promotion schemes, and Status Holder Certificate is one of them. The Objective of the Export House Certificate or Status Holder Certificate is to boost export performance.

If you have attained a leadership position in your business niche and have an excellent track record of international commerce, you can be a Star Export House.

You must have also made significant contributions to India’s foreign trade. Furthermore, you must agree to undertake the mentoring of upcoming Indian entrepreneurs and thus help strengthen India’s export-related commerce.

How can we assist you in getting Status Holder Certificate/ Star Export House Certificate?

  • We assist our client in the compilation of exports made in the present FY plus the last three financial years export and analyse to check the eligibility for getting a certificate.
  • Accordingly, prepare the application along with the documentation.
  • Submit the application online & coordinate with DGFT till issuance of the Status Holder Certificate.
  • Guiding Clients in taking advantage of the various privileges given to Star Export House Holders.